DISIRability ALT

--- Angela Car ---

Welcome to DISIRabilityALT where we will explore the intersection between disability, desire and ALTERNATIVE relationships including, but not limited to kink, bdsm, ethical non-monogamy and power exchange dynamics. Join angela car (she/her) as she shares her lived experiences as a disabled queer, cis female on the right side of the slash. This podcast is not suitable for those under the age of 18. ©DISIRability, Angela Car 2020 Thanks to Ott Photography for designing the DISIRability Logo. [Image description: DISIRability logo in green with a wheelchair symbol in place of the letter b. Disability, Desire and ALTERNATIVE Relationships with angela car (she/her), 18+. Black and white photo of five people holding a wooden heart in color. The word ALT is added on top of the heart.]
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Peeling Back Your Layers; Transparency and Vulnerability in ALT Relationships

    Welcome back! For today’s episode, we’re going to talk about vulnerability and transparency in alternative relationships. We’ll talk about communication, opening up to new partners, or “peeling back the layers of the onion”. We’ll share about baggage that we bring with us to our relationships, and we explore the question ...


  2. He leads and i follow. M/s, TPE and Disability

    Join me in this episode where I will discuss my journey into a 24/7 total power exchange dynamic on the right side of the slash. I will discuss rituals and protocols that have made me feel safe in my dynamic with my Sir. Content warning: The terms Master and slave ...


  3. A Chat with the Polyamorous Librarian

    I am excited to be interviewing my first guest! My co-host today is my friend Allie Phelan who is the Polyamorous Librarian! I have known Allie for several years since I started going to poly meetups. I started off thinking this would be Poly 101 discussion but listening to Allie, ...


  4. A Pain that I Choose; Accessing BDSM

    In episode 5 we'll talk about accessing BDSM play, safely, with a disability. We will talk about safety, before, during and after the scene. I will share about the first BDSM scene I participated in, then share about the types of play I enjoy and what accommodations I need in ...


  5. Queer, Disabled and Kinky

    Happy Pride Month! In episode 4, we will talk about respecting other's identity and creating safe spaces. I identify as queer, disabled and kinky and I will tell you my coming out story. I will also discuss how to welcome newcomers in the kink scene who may be queer or ...